At Kymanox, Our Founding Core Values Are Always Visible — And Always Practiced

Throughout the growth of our company, IDEAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER™ has remained the focus. Knowledge transfer is akin to teaching and learning with a predetermined end goal in mind. When know-how, expertise, or technology moves from one place or person to another, knowledge transfer is taking place. Our teams are uniquely focused on this process. We utilize it in each of our projects, guaranteeing our customers best-in-class service. This means that ideas, suggestions, and evaluations are communicated clearly and efficiently.

However, in today’s fast-paced and technology driven workplace, there are potential distractions all around. Distractions that provide no added value to either our team nor our clients. Therefore, to better understand who we are at Kymanox, we recently worked to codify behaviors that support our founding core values. This helps express our heightened sense of being and our means to accelerate patient access to new medical therapies.  

The creation of our core behaviors was a team effort. Surveys were performed, and hours of group discussion occurred. We wanted to make sure that our core behaviors are authentic and personal to everyone at Kymanox. Afterall, these values and behaviors are the guiding principle of our business,  transcending both time and workplace. We need our core values and behaviors to be embraced by everyone at Kymanox, both now and in the future as we grow.

These celebrated core values along with our team’s top-identified behaviors are now displayed prominently at our global headquarters.

One final note: Our founding core values are not just a list of words. Words without context may be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Our core values use single words with specific codified behaviors to support them. IDEAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER™ at its best.

Kymanox Core Values and Behaviors


At Kymanox, we always strive for “right-first-time” outcomes. We follow regulations, guidance, and best practices. We promote self-awareness and ensure all work is reviewed by a second qualified team member.


At Kymanox, we believe honesty is the best policy. We build a bond of trust based on our word and our signature. We own up to any mistakes and are accountable, and we maintain good behavior even when no one is looking!


At Kymanox, we make small and intentional gestures to acknowledge clients and colleagues, both publicly and privately, for the good work they are doing. We lead by example and reward team players.


At Kymanox, we work problems with responsiveness and flexibility, going above and beyond without complaint or blame. We believe, “Reputation takes years to build but can be lost in a second.”