Jason Miller joined the Kymanox team in April of this year as the Associate Director of Boston Operations. Jason brings over nine years of experience in combination products, working in engineering, operations, and new product commercialization. When Jason isn’t at Kymanox, he can be found at home with his wife, Nikki, and their two children, Addi (4) and Logan (2).

Jason loves being part of Kymanox because he enjoys providing technical leadership for programs helping to drive the commercialization process. His job at Kymanox is inspiring because he helps get new devices or therapies into the hands of the patients who need them. He explains, “I am inspired by the patients we serve and working to make their lives better or their therapy easier to administer through a new device or combination product.” He goes to work every day with the mindset, “the patient is waiting on us.” By keeping the end in mind, he is motivated to work harder and with the highest quality.

On his off time, Jason enjoys vacationing at all-exclusives in Cancun or taking the family to Florida. Jason’s hobbies include photography, brewing beer, or enjoying favorite foods like taco salad, chicken enchiladas, and fully loaded nachos.