Faith Fraley, Director, CQV Engineering, has been with Kymanox since October 2017 and has over twenty years of experience. Originally from Maryland, Faith and her husband have a full house with three children ages 9, 13, 15, a cat, and a golden retriever.

Faith’s favorite part of her job at Kymanox is sharing her technical lead knowledge and mentoring junior professionals in the areas of commissioning, engineering, and validation. She pulls knowledge from many years of equipment and reliability engineering, commissioning, and qualification experience. Great coworkers with equally great attitudes and diversity of experience keeps her inspired every day!

When Faith isn’t at Kymanox, you can find her spending time with her family at a local farmer’s market, hiking, or taking pictures, as she loves photography. Although she now lives in North Carolina, Maryland crabs are still her favorite food, along with other seafood, steak, and dark chocolate.

We’re excited to celebrate Faith’s two-year anniversary with Kymanox this fall!