President, Owner, and Operator, Sarah J. Perry, has been part of Kymanox since the beginning. On April 21, 2001, she signed up to be a part of the journey when she became wife to Kymanox CEO and Founder, Stephen M. Perry. Since 2004, Sarah has held several other leadership roles in the organization, including sales, finance, marketing, and human resources.

With over twenty years of experience, Sarah’s favorite part of Kymanox is working with a super-talented team of highly-driven and effective individuals. She found while working for some larger companies, there were always people who “hide”, punch in and punch out, and don’t really accomplish much.

“At Kymanox, every single person is highly efficient and good at what they do. There is truly not a single person I don’t enjoy working with!” says Sarah.

It is really important to Sarah that Kymanox creates a positive, encouraging, and accepting workplace. She firmly believes that everyone should feel good about what they do and she works hard to ensure every person at Kymanox feels appreciated, fulfilled, and effective.

Sarah is inspired by knowing that the work the team at Kymanox is doing is helping people… helping someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, or friend to live longer and more fully. It’s fulfilling to Sarah that Kymanox works primarily on life-saving and life changing medicine – many of which are first-in-class to underrepresented patient groups.

Sarah is originally from the western suburbs of Chicago. She loves to read and enjoy nature by taking walks or hiking. She finds it rewarding to create order from chaos, such as cutting down overgrown trees and bushes in the yard, which also creates firewood for the Perry communal fire pit!

Today, she and Stephen have four children: Simone (10), Celia (9), Fletcher (7), and Beatrice (5). They also have two dogs, both are rescue mutts that love the children but are suspicious of all delivery people.

Favorite foods of Sarah’s tend to have a nostalgic component to them. She absolutely loves her grandma’s Swedish pancakes, and she spends a lot of quality time over pizza. Her favorite indulgence and childhood treat is Brach’s Malted Milk Balls, which are difficult to find these days.

Sarah loves to see and try new things, which she finds through travel. With a major soft spot for the mountains, Sarah loves to travel internationally and finds the Austrian Alps to be magical.