Technical Project Management

The Kymanox project management methodology is consistent with what is taught and certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). However, Kymanox utilizes a slightly different focus to ensure that execution starts as soon as possible with built-in safeguards leveraging risk management and progressive elaboration.

Our Project Managers (PMs) are not only experts at the five project management process groups and ten knowledge areas, they also have relevant expertise in two or more subject matter areas in life sciences. So, rather than being regulated to a project secretary, a Kymanox PM can help facilitate complex, technical decision making.

In areas where a Kymanox PM may not have direct experience, that same PM has access to over 60 Kymanox Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that can advise as needed and help keep your project on track. Although the Kymanox PM is able to provide recommendations, the PM is ultimately a facilitator and communicator; clients that use Kymanox remain in total control of their decision making processes.

Kymanox uses proprietary, in-house templates and procedures to manage projects. Detailed and timely documentation is the hallmark of a Kymanox-managed project.  All projects start out with a charter, roster, and kick-off meeting, and all meetings have agendas, minutes, and running registers for action items and decisions.  The ability to efficiently document the project allows PMs to transition more easily and can be leveraged for succession planning with the client.

Our PMs are trained to track scope, schedule, budget, and risks – all in realtime.  As such, projects are afforded early warnings to allow the team to make necessary adjustments.

The path to predictable success starts with planning and understanding; more effort is exerted in the early phases so that later phases benefit.  In spending more time and effort on knowledge transfer, organizations are more likely to have efficient, first-time successes that can serve as a foundation for future successes.  

Technical Project Management and Control

Whether a project needs a full-time PM and technical staffing – or just an extra resource to keep things on-track and well-documented – Kymanox can help.  In addition to providing professional-grade project management services, Kymanox is equipped to delve into and help solve complex technical, engineering and quality issues.  Kymanox is experienced in managing and providing integrated technical services on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices
  • New Technology, Scale-up, and Technology Transfer
  • Design, Installation, Commissioning, Validation, and Startup
    • CGMP Manufacturing Processes
    • Capital Equipment
    • Clean Utilities
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Automation and Computer Systems
  • Data Mining, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Regulatory Submissions and Inspections
  • Multi-Party Arrangements with CMOs, Contractors, and Suppliers

Consistent with the principles of IKT, Kymanox will do more than just get the job done – we will share and transfer the knowledge needed to do so.  Thus, the ability to get things done will reside with the project team and not with one individual or organization.

See our Project Management PMO Toolkit on KymanoxWORKS to help your team get going on the road to success.

KymanoxWORKS offers a comprehensive collection of templates, SOPs, training slide decks, equipment rentals, and more to help accelerate your programs and processes.