Validation Equipment Rental

High-precision equipment comes with a high price. Validation requires the ability to accurately record data, and it is not always cost or time efficient to purchase your own validation equipment. Whether you have an internal validation team or need assistance from a trained staff, Kymanox can support your project.

Kymanox rents out calibrated, high-precision equipment for temperature mapping. We have 30 wireless Kaye Probes and two Advanced Validation Systems with over 48 thermocouples available. In addition to pre-calibrated thermocouples, wireless probes, and instructions, Kymanox provides remote equipment support for your internal staff. If you have questions about the availability of equipment, or need help finding the equipment for your validation needs, contact

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KymanoxWORKS offers a comprehensive collection of templates, SOPs, training slide decks, equipment rentals, and more to help accelerate your programs and processes.